DIAC 2013: Directions in Authenticated Ciphers

11–13 August 2013, Chicago, USA

How to participate:
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Accepted talks


DIAC 2013 will begin in the afternoon of Sunday 11 August and will end in the early afternoon of Tuesday 13 August.

The afternoon program for Sunday 11 August is informal and intended to encourage research interactions. This program will include an excursion and a dinner.

The formal lecture program will begin in the morning of Monday 12 August at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), specifically Student Center East (also known as Chicago Circle Center) at 750 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60607; 3rd floor (2 levels above ground), Cardinal Room. The formal lecture program will continue through Monday afternoon and half of Tuesday. This program will include a dinner on Monday.

The following invited talk has been confirmed:

  • Authenticated encryption in TLS
    Kenny Paterson, Royal Holloway, University of London
There is a separate list of accepted talk submissions.

Detailed schedule

11 Aug17:00Meet at the First Lady Riverside Gardens Dock: start from the southeast corner of the Michigan Avenue Bridge at Michigan and Wacker Drive, go east down the stairs to reach the dock. Please bring an ID and a printout of your registration email.
17:30Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise departs dock. You must be on the boat before 17:30. The boat has a covered area in the unlikely event of rain. We won't have the boat all to ourselves but the boat has ample space for discussions.
19:00Boat returns to dock.
19:15-22:00Dinner at Flat Top Grill, 30 S. Wabash. We will walk together from the dock to the restaurant.
12 Aug09:30Registration and coffee
10:00Accepted talks 1: Security goals
10:00-10:30Luykx: APE(X): authenticated permutation-based encryption with extended security features (slides)
10:35-11:05Gligoroski: OWCM: One-Way Counter Mode (slides)
11:10-11:40Taha: A key management scheme for DPA-protected authenticated encryption (slides)
11:45Lunch break (not included)
13:30-14:30Invited talk: Paterson: Authenticated encryption in TLS (slides)
15:00Accepted talks 2: Linearity and nonlinearity
15:00-15:30Zhu: Revisiting counter mode to repair Galois/Counter Mode (slides)
15:35-16:05Simpson: Investigating the security properties of MACs based on stream ciphers (slides)
16:10-16:40Iwata: Generating a fixed number of masks with word permutations and XORs (slides)
16:45-17:15Ladd: McMambo V1: a new kind of Latin dance (slides) (software URL)
17:20-17:50Bilgin: FIDES: lightweight authenticated cipher with side-channel resistance for constrained hardware (slides)
19:15Dinner at Greek Islands, 200 S. Halsted.
13 Aug09:30Coffee
10:00Accepted talks 3: Efficiency
10:00-10:30Khovratovich: PPAE: parallelizable permutation-based authenticated encryption (slides)
10:35-11:05Andreeva: Parallelizable (authenticated) online ciphers (slides)
11:10-11:40Gueron: AES-GCM software performance on the current high end CPUs as a performance baseline for CAESAR (slides)
11:45-12:15Struik: Revisiting design criteria for AEAD ciphers targeting highly constrained networks (slides)
12:20-12:30Bonus talk: Rogaway: Reconsidering generic composition (slides)
12:30End of lectures. Lecture room will remain available for informal discussions for the afternoon.

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