DIAC 2013: Directions in Authenticated Ciphers

11–13 August 2013, Chicago, USA

How to participate:
How to contribute:
Accepted talks


Some stipends are available to help support attendance by students and junior researchers. Full support (registration fee, accommodation, and transportation) is unlikely to be available but partial support will be available. To apply for a stipend, send email to diac2013-stipends at box.cr.yp.to with subject line "DIAC 2013 stipend application" and the following information in the message body:
  • Status: Ph.D. student, postdoc, etc.
  • University, department, and supervisor.
  • Research topic.
  • Short description (100 to 200 words) of your motivation for attending DIAC 2013.
  • Arrival date and departure date.
  • Whether you are willing to share a room; if so, state whether you are male or female. Applicants willing to share a room will be prioritized to maximize use of stipend funds.

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